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Health and Safety Policy Statement - 2017


John Swire & Sons’ long-term future growth and sustainability is directly linked to how we continuously improve all aspects of the business whilst protecting our people and all of those whom we do business with. 


This Policy sets out the position of John Swire & Sons to meet our global Health, Safety and Welfare obligations to our employees, customers, associates, and visitors. Our continued commitment to ‘never compromise’ on the management of risks and to ensure we always strive to eliminate or minimize hazards is crucial in meeting our group Health and Safety Management Systems incorporated across the world.


Our aim is to develop a consistent approach to Health and Safety through a focused culture which demonstrates, as a minimum, full legal compliance in all of the countries where we operate. We will, therefore, encourage and promote the behaviors which drive this level of best practice. We will always strive to deliver a culture where our teams have an active part in Health and Safety Management at every level of the organization. John Swire & Sons, through its subsidiaries, is committed to; 


  • Operating in a manner which safeguards the health, safety, and security of our employees and those with whom we do business; 


  • Managing all risks proportionally and striving to eliminate hazards; 


  • Developing a consistent approach to Health and Safety;


  • Securing a fully engaged workforce that actively participates in the ongoing development and improvement of Health and Safety in the business; and


  • Continuously improving our management systems to control risk, enhance performance and satisfy all legal and regulatory obligations


Further, the John Swire & Sons Group expects all of its subsidiary businesses to measure, manage and report on their health, safety and welfare performance through the development of Key Performance Indicators which show their levels of learning, continuous improvement, and performance. 


This policy will be reviewed annually to continuously improve effectiveness in delivering Health and Safety Management. 


Each company within the group will drive and control their specific processes and procedures locally to meet this policy statement.

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